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2019 #3 - G2GPM 05 Aug 2019 - I talk about devices I made in an attempt to contact the spirit world. I provide example audio captures from some of these devices. (Below: Diagrams of NMD or Non Microphone Devices I mention on podcast.)


 2019 #2 -
G2GPM 30 July 2019 - I talk about Heather Wade's show getting a new audio stream server, Pranking guests at the haunted Stanley Hotel (Room 401 door), and my time at Linda Goodman's house (now a bed & breakfast) and my association with Linda.  (Below: Photo below are some items I mention on podcast.)

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 2019 #1 -
G2GPM 26 July 2019 - I talk about Art Bell, his idea of what makes a good talk show and how he was interfered with on the ham radio bands.


Note: I've lost many previous 2007-2010 podcast files except for those linked below. If you have a copy of any other (List further below), please contact me. Thanks!


Ghost To Ghost PM Podcast from 01/08/2008 -

 Ghost To Ghost PM Podcast from 11/29/2009 -

Ghost To Ghost PM Podcast from 12/21/2009 -


Below is a list (with description) of my Ghost To Ghost PM podcasts, from 2007 to 2008 that were produced. Most of the audio files are now missing.

Ghost to Ghost PM - You may have heard of EVP pioneer Konstantine Raudive, and his famous Raudive Diode method for EVP capture, but have you ever heard some of his actual EVP audio? On this segment of Ghost to Ghost PM you'll hear almost 40 minutes of some of the EVPs Raudive recorded in the 1960's using 6 different methods, including his famous diode method. How do his EVPs differ from what you capture? Listen and find out. Some interesting background information: From the summer of 1965 to the fall of 1968, Raudive claimed to have recorded over 72,000 instances of Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP). Many of his findings were collected in his 1968 book Unhoerbares Wird Hoerbar (“The Inaudible Becomes Audible,” published in English as Breakthrough: An Amazing Experiment in Electronic Communication With the Dead, 1971). Raudive was inspired to begin his investigation after reading Voices From Space (1964) by Friedrich Jurgenson. Jurgenson, a painter and film director from Odessa by way of Sweden, discovered EVP by accident while attempting to record bird songs in his garden. Raudive was so enthralled by the questions raised in Jurgenson’s book, especially those concerning his lifelong preoccupation with life after death, that he immediately requested Jurgenson’s company so that he could witness the technique firsthand.
Original Air Date: 11/29/2009 - Length:  1 hr 30 min

Ghost to Ghost PM - Juli Velazquez discusses clairvoyance, clairaudient, clairsentient & more
Juli Velazquez joins me to discuss everything paranormal. Juli is the President of I.S.P.I., a previous writer for Haunted Times, an author, and very much involved in all things paranormal. After two near death experiences Juli uses her gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudient and clairsentient to assist authorities in locating missing persons.
Category: Paranormal
Original Air Date: January 15, 2008

Ghost to Ghost PM - Paranormal investigations with my guest Steve Hultay
I am joined by Steve Hultay, founder and lead investigator for Keyport Paranormal. Steve, a paranormal investigator is also a spirit communications researcher and has much to share!
Category: Paranormal
Original Air Date: January 8, 2008

Ghost to Ghost PM - Paranormal investigator Bruce Halliday joins me
During my first hour I will be joined by Bruce Halliday. Bruce is the founder and lead investigator of P.I.T. Paranormal Investigating Team of south New Jersey. He is active in all types of field investigation as well as extensive research in EVP, and video and photographic ITC. Bruce is very involved in testing new forms of equipment for the collection of EVP and spirit communication.
Category: Paranormal
Original Air Date: December 28, 2007

Ghost to Ghost PM - EVP & Spirit communication devices in action
Ghost Box demo - I talk about the new methods used to make communication attempts with entities & spirits. Frank's Box is no longer the most widely used Ghost Box. I'll play each of the different RSH Ghost Box System configurations I have put together in recent weeks. Hear some for the first time here on Ghost to Ghost PM. Note: This WILL NOT be a Ghost Box session, only a demo of how they sound. No session questions will be asked.
Category: Paranormal
Original Air Date: November 27, 2007

A $24.95 Ghost Box?, mindreaders, interview with Crystal of P.P.P.I., Digital Dowsing update & more!
How I modified a digital radio to function like a Ghost Box, Street corner mindreaders, an interesting interview with Crystal of Pikes Peak Paranormal Investigations in Colorado Springs, a Digital Dowsing update, Part 2 of Tom Corbett, Space Cadet (Rocket to Danger), as well as an interview with the stars of that radio serial. Plus much more.
Category: Paranormal
Original Air Date: November 23, 2007

Ghost To Ghost PM - Ghost Story & Chat Friday - Debut edition
Ghost To Ghost PM - Sit back, turn out the lights, get a cup of hot cocoa... and enjoy some ghost stories while you chat with friends in the BTR Chat Room.
Category: Paranormal
Original Air Date: November 20, 2007

More Ghost boxes & UFOlogist Bruce Maccabee's other side & UFO audio & alien comedy & a space serial
My BEST show yet! Some very interesting audio of a UFO/military encounter, then I'll share more about ghost boxes, then Ufologist and photographic research expert Dr. Bruce Maccabee, like you may have never heard him before. A very nice change of pace. Then I'll have some good old alien comedy and songs, and I'll finish the show with a good old time radio space serial.
Category: Paranormal
Original Air Date: November 13, 2007

Talking with the dead... in real time? These guys say they have done it!
Talking with those on the other side. Some say they have done it. Some have recorded their live conversations with spirits, EVP. Hear about some of those, including actual audio of two way communications.
Original Air Date: November 09, 2007

I discuss the UFO discussion on Larry King's show & much more!
I talk about UFOs, Ufologists, EVPs and EVP devices, Roswell, Nikola Tesla and his experiments, the location of his lab in Colorado Springs, a little grave digger, and more! Guests on King's show were; Fife Symington, James Fox, Nick Pope, Ret Col Charles Halt, Ret Sgt Jim Penniston and Shirley Maclaine joined Larry King to discuss UFO sightings.
Category: Paranormal
Original Air Date: November 06, 2007

Interview with paranormal author Elise Eagle
Paranormal Podcast: I interview Elise Eagle; author of the soon to be released book, Journey to Heaven by way of Hell, Diary of an early Indigo. Elise will be talking about her book as well as the fourth dimension, source energy, law of attraction, earth seeds, paranormal activity, energy and vibrations, orbs, light beings, her UFO sightings, her ability to make it rain, and much more. Paranormal Podcast - Paranormal activity, UFO, Bigfoot, the unexplained, and more!

On Demand Episodes 4058
Original Air Date: October 30, 2007

Hauntings at the Stanley Hotel
Paranormal Podcast: First Half hour - Hauntings at the Stanley Hotel. I traveled to the hotel where Stephen King stayed while he wrote his book, "The Shining". Hear which rooms are said to be haunted and what may have happened in those rooms over the years. Second half hour - I discuss Ufologist Kenny Young and his investigation of the Trumbull County Disturbance with audio from police radio traffic of a UFO chase.
Category: Paranormal
Original Air Date: October 29, 2007

Gabriel Green, Alien Abductee for President
Rebroadcast of my Paranormal Podcast of Monday, 20 Aug 2007 Show Notes: In 1960 the space people requested that their leader Gabriel Green run for President of the United States. In August of that year the Amalgamated Flying Saucer Clubs of American held their national convention at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. This podcast shares audio interviews with Gabriel Green, his campaign manager, a space person, and a NICAP member from this 1960 convention. Flying saucers and space people.


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